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Letters to the Editor give readers a voice

Posted on March 29, 2019 by admin

Editorial comments are not news and shouldn’t be featured as such, as some news sources will say analysis or editorial — but a lot of times readers will take personal opinion as fact because of the way news is dispersed nowadays online and elsewhere. Weekly newspapers, including the Westwind Weekly News, try to differentiate between editorial content and news and keep it free from ads.

News, especially in the U.S. in 24/7 format, often walks a fine line between fact, fiction, and comment and/or analysis. Ever since the creation of the 24-hour news cycle — North Americans suffer, as we sift through the piles of BS to find little nuggets of truth.

It is important for a news source to have a voice, but careful consideration needs to be implemented in order for the news to be “newsworthy” and for editorial content to be just that — editorial comment or an opinion. Editorials can sometimes seem one-sided, but a good editorial attempts to be somewhat unbiased and considers both sides to a story or issue.

Depending on the news source it could be right or left or this or that. Editorials offer thoughts to allow readers a chance to ponder another side. Letters to the Editor welcome a reader’s thoughts and ideas — open for debate and discussion. Some readers may like or dislike or agree or disagree. That is the beauty of a free press.

To be Canadian is to have an opportunity to have a position or idea and to question and respect an other Canadian’s thoughts, opinions, beliefs, culture, and the like. A weekly newspaper can be a community’s catalyst for change, as readers can share their thoughts and ideas about what is happening in and around their homes.

Westwind Weekly News welcomes Letters to the Editor about a plethora of topics. If you would like to share your thoughts on this year’s provincial and federal elections, municipal issues, national news stories or more — send a letter to We want to hear from you.

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