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It’s time for guns and users to stop killing Americans

Posted on August 8, 2019 by admin

For all the preying — er, ah — praying a majority of the members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and politicians do in the United States — you’d think their god would tell them to do something about the gun violence crisis crippling the country.

As Canadians, it is sickening to see such brutality happening within our closest neighbours’ borders. Some say it is lack of gun control laws, others once again say it is because of violent video games (President Trump included), which are prevalent in today’s society and mental illness is another reason for the senseless violence the U.S. has always had to endure.

Who has more mental illness — regular everyday Americans or members of the NRA and/or politicians? It seems members of the NRA and American politicians need their heads examined, as mass shootings in America continue with no end in sight or gun control ideas brought forward to help end all the tragedies. When guns are made available that can shoot multiple rounds, there needs to be control on how many bullets can kill other Americans. It is actually that simple. Americans can still have their right to bear arms, but guns that are single-shot could be the answer. Not military-like or criminal-like guns that are used to kill.

During another election cycle in the U.S., gun control will be a hot topic, no doubt. But, politicians will be extremely careful not to rile up the NRA, which is something that needs to be stopped. The NRA should not control politicians and politicians should not accept funds from an organization that supports Americans buying bigger and deadlier guns to kill their fellow Americans.

Mental illness needs to be addressed in the United States of America, but so does the electoral system and the powers that be need a swift kick to the head. Guns are a part of American culture, always has been — but that doesn’t mean it needs to continue.

What if it were NRA rallies or events being targeted by mass shooters instead of innocents at malls, churches, live events and such? How would NRA members respond then? The NRA could be considered a terrorist organization, but the group is accepted as a political funder plus country staple. Guns don’t kill people, people do — but gun violence is changeable, when people decide to do something about it.

Sure, some video game players may be mentally ill and decide to kill. Sure, some regular American folks might use their guns in a civil and respectful manner. But, the NRA and politicians continue to do nothing about guns being used to kill and terrorize the nation. Is it the NRA’s fault for some Americans using their guns inappropriately and not for the hunting of animals, other sports or protection — yes, it is. But it is also the fault of politicians and Americans for not demanding change and reform. How many dead Americans will it take for the powers that be to notice?

Every other area of industry has a regulatory body that supplies health and safety audits, policies and such and will shut down or restructure an organization that is negligent and/or causing harm. Doesn’t the NRA fit that bill? It is like the airline industry or commercial products that cause harm or accidentally kill someone. There are consequences and repercussions. Since when did the NRA get so powerful and above the law? The president of the U.S. and other politicians are also responsible for mass shootings, if they don’t step up and do something about it or at the very least — start “real” discussions on the topic without worrying about politics. It’s called being human.

Guns are like addictive drugs in the U.S. It is indeed a health problem. It is about time politics are put aside for a nation-wide discussion (not debate) on how mass shootings can be decreased, mental illness can be addressed and how the NRA can be held responsible and be less powerful in the grand scheme of things in the United States.

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