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Municipal Election bringing opportunity to choose your voice

Posted on October 14, 2021 by admin

With Alberta Municipal Election advanced voting beginning all over the province, it’s a good time to remember this is your time to cast a ballot to give your community a voice.

Municipal governments are the closest to the people and once elected, they serve you. They can bring issues at the community level to other levels of government including provincial and federal.

And this is the time to set municipal governments to shape your community in the best possible way. If you’re not happy with your current government — or you are happy with them and want them re-elected — get out and vote to make your voice heard.

Despite the similar results in this past fall Federal Election, municipal elections will likely garner turnover for several communities.

And while it may be a cliche, it is true every vote counts. In the 2017 Municipal Election, the Town of Coaldale mayoral race ended with only a 59 vote lead. So, yes, sometimes cliches can be completely true.

It’s also incredibly quick and easy to vote, so saying you don’t have enough time isn’t good enough, especially with more advanced voting periods this election cycle.

If you haven’t voted yet for whatever reason, make sure you check local stories on candidates running for mayor, council, or school board.

These are critical pieces of information that can show what candidates see need addressing in the community, and it can help inform your vote when you head to the polls.

While many see municipal elections as popularity contests, and in some cases that is true, gathering information on people running for council should be a must if you’re going to cast your ballot.

There are plenty of social media pages, websites, forums, and several other resources that can be used to give you a better idea of who is running, and it can help you decide who you’re voting for.

With plenty of options available for these positions, each candidate is likely approaching issues with different ideas and ways to tackle things happening in your community.

And this is what it’s all about — casting a vote for the people you see as the best leaders for your community.

And over the next four years, make sure you pay attention to what elected representatives are doing because when this time rolls around again, you can make a choice on whether they deserve another term or not.

So, as we await election results for this municipal election, let’s all hope that any changes made lead to the betterment of our communities.

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