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June 16, 2024 June 16, 2024

Pass a children’s budget in Budget 2024

Posted on January 18, 2024 by admin

In the tapestry of global progress, Canada has woven a legacy of compassion, particularly in championing the rights and well-being of children. From pioneering the fight against polio to orchestrating a global infrastructure for Vitamin A supplementation, our nation has stood as a beacon for the world’s youth.

Yet, the harmonious rhythm of progress faces a discordant note with the intersection of conflict, COVID-19, and the climate crisis. These challenges disrupt education, delay vaccinations, and escalate food prices, pushing children into the shadows of learning poverty. The World Bank’s stark revelation that 70 per cent of 10-year-olds globally struggle with basic written text underscores the urgency of our response.

Canada’s commitment to increasing the International Assistance Envelope (IAE) is a pledge to rectify these dissonances, but the shortfall in the 2023 budget demands correction. As we stand at the crossroads, the upcoming Budget 2024 offers a chance to rekindle the symphony of progress. By elevating the IAE, we ensure transformative investments in education, immunization, and nutrition, creating a melodic future for every child. Let us not miss this opportunity to orchestrate a harmonious tomorrow for the most vulnerable among us.

Abdiqani Hussein, Toronto

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