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Council passes first reading of safety centre rezone

Posted on March 20, 2014 by Westwind Weekly

Previous talk of incorporating a park near the Farm Safety Centre in Raymond seems to be the only cause for concern with the recently proposed landuse bylaw amendment on the table.

The proposal, which would allow for the safety centre to give back a portion of the land they lease from the town, would allow the town to turn the back lot into a residential area. Although the land had been previously discussed to include a park, after several failed fundraising attempts members on the Farm Safety Centre board gave up on the $60,000 venture.

However, those located in the area have been hoping for a park, within walking distance, for some time.

“The proposal is that it be rezoned to residential and the purpose of that would be so a house could be built on it,” explained Coun. Barry Wolsey during Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Only one couple showed up to voice their opinion in regards to the rezone, Rhonda and Regan Steed, who sited not building a park in the area as a problem.

“It was our understanding that a park would be built on this lot, it was one of the pluses for buying this lot . . . we heard some people say ‘it would bring more traffic to the area.’ But during playground weather most people ride their bikes or walk to the park,” said the Steeds in a letter to council. “The closest park is Perret Park (and it’s not the safest) to walk there.”

The constant, “huge” puddle located smack in the middle of the proposed lot was also brought to the attention of council.

“It’s a wet area. Our place has flooded twice since we lived out there. I don’t know if fixing that lot is going to cause more problems for me as there is always a huge puddle there, it’s like a foot deep right now,” Steed said. “I wouldn’t want to have more water on my property than is currently there.”

Despite the fact the new lot wouldn’t be equal to other lots in the area, the town wishes to move forward with the acquisition.

Back when the surrounding lots were developed by the town they instituted something called an “architectural control,” which would also apply to the new lot, if the rezone is successful. This way anyone who purchased the lot would be required to abide by the same laws as everyone else in the neighbourhood.

There is also an issue regarding service lines that needs to be addressed prior to subdividing the lot. Although the process would be a simple realignment it would still take about a day’s work and a couple thousand dollars to do so.

“It would have to be a forced-service-connection to the pre-service so it connects to the previous, existing lines – this has been the plan for awhile and suits the plan for efficiency,” explained development manager Ethan Gorner. “This would also be addressed at the point of subdivision and would have to be sorted out as part of any rezoning.”

Although council has only passed the first reading of this proposed rezoning, council members will use the information presented before moving ahead with the second reading.

For more information regarding this issue please contact the Town of Raymond at 403-752-3322.

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