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Drivers beware! School zones in effect

Posted on September 6, 2016 by Westwind Weekly

By Jonathan Guignard

Twitter: @guij26

With a lot of the schools starting today and the rest of them about to begin, pedestrian safety is on the minds of many.

With more children filling the streets in the area, the Raymond RCMP are trying to make sure people are aware of what they need to do to ensure safety on the roads.

Sergeant Kelly McCoy says there are certain things people need to remember this time of year.

“It’s time for drivers to realize that school zones are back in effect. The Raymond RCMP, along with peace officers, will be monitoring school zones closely, so it’s time to put the awareness cap back on,” said McCoy.

He would like to remind people the importance of school zones along with playground zones.

“It’s all about the safety of the kids that are using those areas. There’s only one reason this zone exists and it’s because you never know when kids are going to dart out from behind a vehicle or off the sidewalk crossing the street,” said McCoy.

McCoy says schools usually do a great job of making sure kids understand the importance of staying safe from vehicles, but reminds people that accidents can happen.

“Schools are good at educating kids at a very young age about proper crossing techniques and crosswalks, but you just never know when somebody is going to be out in the middle of the street or crossing the street in front of you,” said McCoy.

McCoy believes there are measures parents can take to ensure the safety of their kids.

“Something parents can do, especially when their kids are young, is help them when they first go off to school. Make sure they take a safe path or a safe street to school and help them understand and realize the safety and significance of crosswalks,” said McCoy.

Once children start to understand the importance of some of those things, they can start thinking for themselves.

“As a pedestrian, there’s a certain element of responsibility on them to make sure it’s safe to cross. In young kids, it’s sometimes difficult and that’s why it’s important for parents to help them with that,” said McCoy.

He adds, there are many other things you need to be aware of.

“Please slow down and gives these kids a lot of time. Recognize that there is going to be a lot of people crossing the streets. Make sure when you see school buses and those red lights flashing that you stop and not pass those buses,” said McCoy.

McCoy adds, it is important for kids to cross at crosswalks because that is where drivers expect them to be the most.

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