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Stirling town council briefs

Posted on July 22, 2022 by admin

By Kenyon Stronski
Westwind Weekly News

Over the summer, it is common for councils to adopt a schedule of meeting once a month for July and August. Stirling Village council is no different, with the council moving to adopt one meeting in July and one in August falling on the 13 of the month and the 10 of the month respectively.
Appointment dates for the Village’s library board were also looked over, with Kayleigh Nelson, Marsha Edwards and Amy Donselaar all having terms that began on Apr. 21, 2022 and will expire Apr. 20, 2025.
An open house has also been scheduled for Village council — a Town Hall meeting has been confirmed for Sept. 24, 2022 at 7:00 P.M.. It is unclear if members of the public will be able to attend, but council has invited the RCMP, Telus, Family and Community Support Services, Ridge Regional Public Safety Services, the Fire Department, local businesses, committees, the Stirling Silver Saddle Club, municipal departments, ER equipment and M.F. tours.
For committee meeting reports, Mayor Trevor Lewington noted he attended the Construction Association breakfast with Stirling’s Chief Administrative Officer, Scott Donselaar.
Deputy Mayor Larry Nilsson attended the Ridge Water Commission where they spoke about replacing filters, updating computer systems and solar panels. Deputy Mayor Nilsson commented that they are currently looking at four partners for a federal grant.
Coun. Gary Bikman attended the Chief Mountains Regional Solid Waster Services Commission where he met their new SEO, Marion Carlson. He also touched on an email of topics that the board members would like to see addressed, however it is unsure whether the email was available to Village council.
Coun. Devynn Bohn spoke on the Community Events Committee, where they talked over Settlers Days and looked into ideas relating to a potential Fall event for he Village.
Coun. Matthew Foss has the busiest time, attending the Ridge Regional Public Safety Services Commission(RRPSSC), the Oldman Regional River Services Commission(ORRSC) and the Cemetery Society.
For the RRPSSC, Coun. Foss mentioned they approved a ticket writing officer to either sit-on or patrol numbered highways for a term of one year. With the ORRSC, Coun. Foss was happy to report that subdivision numbers are carrying upwards. Lastly with the Cemetery Society, it was said that there wasn’t that big of a turn-out for the cemetery clean-up, a bylaw was reviewed regarding plots and a columbarium was discussed. A columbarium is a structure intended as a resting place for funerary urns.

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