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Cardston County council meeting minutes

Posted on August 22, 2022 by admin

By Kenyon Stronski

Westwind Weekly News

The following are selected briefs from the June 27 regular meeting of Cardston County Council.


Morgan Strate and Christopher Snelgrove attended County council to give a presentation and share information on assessments — specifically on how campground assessments are reviewed.

The second delegation to attend council was Cardston Home Safe Animal Rescue who wanted to propose helping fund a cat catch and release program for the County. The delegation was unable to attend the meeting.

Requests for Decision:

A tax reduction application was received by council for a reduction in property taxes, the application was approved with council carrying to reduce the taxes on the parcel by $100.

A request for donation was received by council from the Kainai Junior Golf Team — Reeve Randy Bullock decided to donate $100 from his own councillors fund towards the golf team.

Another tax reduction request was received by council relating to a property tax reduction — it was approved for taxes to be reduced by $100 but it was requested that the client gain access to the property to sell it off. Taxes will not be reduced in the future.

Additional Items:

Mr. Joe Thomas entered council chambers to discuss and update the council on Bylaw 1338-22 relating to the Pincher Creek Bylaw amendment. The bylaw relates to the seasonal campground — and it was decided that administration write a letter saying that council has no concerns with the proposed bylaw.

Mr. Matt Aipperspach arrived at council to discuss drainage issues surrounding Mr. Delbert Beazer’s property. The minutes state that Beazer has water pooling at low spots around his property and he wanted to coordinate ay rectifying of the situation with the council. “It is an environmental concern and not one of the County’s.” Beazer had the information relayed to him.

Mrs. Carol Johnson mentioned she had county vehicles parked on her land while the County was building or fixing roads in the years prior. “They say it trampled the land and got rid of all the gravel that was once there.” It was moved that the County supply loads of pit run from the approach of the property inward — one to two loads if necessary.

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