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MES students serving it up at Burger Bunch on June 1

Posted on May 25, 2023 by admin

By Magrath Elementary School

The Grade 2’s at Magrath Elementary School have been working hard to prepare and host their own restaurant on Thursday, June 1.
Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Finding ways to connect Grade 2 curricular outcomes to real-life experiences is one of our greatest desires as teachers. We believe students obtain the most knowledge when they are engaged in meaningful, real-world problems as they identify, research, provide solutions, and apply their knowledge in different environments. In April we began preparing to open up ‘Burger Bunch’ to better involve students in the learning processes through hands-on experiences, allowing them to attach meaning to concepts and make their own connections. 

Math outcomes have been explored and mastered as students have practiced skip counting money, adding and subtracting two digit numbers, deepening their understanding of place value, and collecting information to graph the most popular pop flavours. Writing has been meaningful as students learned persuasive language to draft an application for their job, write a letter to their community convincing them to attend their restaurant, and mastered informational writing as they described the production of Alberta resources. Students will be putting all of their scientific ‘hot and cold’ knowledge together from science to assemble their own insulating device for the drinks. Social outcomes were authentically explored as students experienced resources growing and being raised in the farm, to processing them, and now serving them to you at a table! We have visited a cheese factory, will grind wheat into flour and bake it into buns, and will go over the butchering process to get our hamburger patties. We have also learned how each person in our community is deeply connected to the prairie lands and how each job in a community relies on each other to be successful. 

Community building is a big focus of our project. We are hoping the students never forget their learning, but more importantly, that they realize how supported they are by their community, and the impact they can have in their own community moving forward. Students will be reaching out to community members to advertise in various local businesses throughout town, and will send letters to be published in the newspaper. 

There are many smiling faces at Burger Bunch, and we look forward to seeing our community friends and family! Thank you for supporting our learning journey!

Here’s some testimonials from the hard-working Grade 2’s at Burger Bunch:


I work at the best restaurant in the world to ever exist! And I’m an order taker there. Our restaurant is on June 1st. I strongly believe you should come! First, you won’t have to cook on that day. If you don’t like cooking, come to our restaurant! Second, our burgers are cheaper than Lethbridge’s and they are so amazing and made by scratch. You won’t have to drive far to eat one. Third, you can walk there. It will be good for your health and it smells delicious. And you will love it. Lastly, are you liking cooking or not? You don’t have to cook that day if you don’t like cooking. As you can see, this is why you should come to our restaurant. Because you don’t waste much money at Burger Bunch! 


We are opening on June 1st. It is called Burger Bunch. I want to see you at our Grade 2 Restaurant. First, it is a one day deal you do not want to miss! It is the only time we open in Magrath. Secondly, it is not very expensive and you only need to bring $5 dollars. Additionally, it is the only time you will have a Grade 2 student serve you. Third, we are using Alberta resources. For example, beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and  pickles. Lots of these are made in Alberta. We have gone on many field trips to learn how to make and grow the food. I strongly believe your burger is going to be the best in the world. 


I am a worker at our Grade 2 Restaurant. It is on June 1st. The hours are 11 to 2pm. I strongly believe you would have the best dinner at our Grade 2 Restaurant. It is the best restaurant because we are experts because we went on lots of field trips to learn. First, it is less expensive than driving to Lethbridge and wasting gas. It is less money than going to McDonalds. Also the money would be for a good cause because it’s going towards a playground for the school so every kid can play. One last reason is it’s a one day deal so you have to come or you will miss it. We won’t do it again. So all of these reasons show why you should come, because it’s one day! Burgers and chips are $5 and drinks are $1. 


I work at our Grade 2 Restaurant. It is called Burger Bunch. We will open up June 1st 11-2pm. I strongly believe that you will be blown away with your supper at our Grade 2 Restaurant. To begin with, it will be fast. We are doing cash only and we are learning to count cash fast. Also you don’t need to drive to Lethbridge. It saves you money in gas and gives you time. Lastly, you don’t need to wash your dishes. This saves you time. I strongly believe that you will have the best supper at our Grade 2 Restaurant!


I am a Grade 2 student. I am going to work at our Grade 2 Restaurant called Burger Bunch. I believe you should come to our restaurant. First, the burgers are amazing! The burgers are 100 per cent Alberta resources, made from Alberta. Next, we made the bread all by ourselves and ground wheat. For example, I have made bread before practice. I love a 5 dollar burger. Have you tried a $5 burger? It is a good price and you won’t be disappointed. Overall we make the best burgers in Alberta. Burger Bunch will be open on June 1st from 11-2pm. 


News alert! I work at our Grade 2 Restaurant. I strongly believe you should come to our restaurant! First, all of our ingredients are made from Alberta resources. For example, we went to a cheese factory and made the cheese. Secondly, we will grind the wheat by ourselves. We are using it to make the buns. Lastly you should come on June 1st because it is a one day thing! You don’t want to miss it! Therefore you will love it and should come to Burger Bunch on June 1st from 11-2 pm at the baseball diamonds. 


I work at the Grade 2 Restaurant called Burger Bunch. I strongly believe you would love, just love the burgers at our restaurant. You need to come to the Grade 2 Restaurant! First, you don’t have to drive all the way to Lethbridge. It will save some money. Secondly, all the ingredients are made from Alberta’s resources. The cheese is made from an Alberta cheese factory that we visited. Lastly our burgers will be so good you can’t even eat your burger. So come to our restaurant to get a very good tasting burger. So come to the one and only Burger Bunch on June 1st from 11-2 pm. Burgers and chips are $5 and drinks are $1 cash only!


I am one of the Burger Bunch workers. I hope I will see you at the restaurant! I strongly believe that everyone will want to come to our restaurant and I hope you will come too! I think that our burgers are the best because we went on a field trip to the cheese factory and became experts. Secondly, you will not have to tap your credit card or wait in line. You can just pay cash. Lastly, you know how burgers are like $10? Here they’re only $5 and chips are free. And pop and drinks are $1. I strongly believe that everyone will want to come to our restaurant. I hope that you will come too!


We will love if you come to our Grade 2 Restaurant on June 1st. It is in the MES baseball field. We will be serving burgers. First, if you don’t come you will be missing out because we are doing it only on June 1st. You will be missing out on the delicious burgers that we make for you all. So please come to the Grade 2 Restaurant. The second reason is, we need a lot of money for our new playground. We have a broken park that is old and we need a park everyone can play on. The third reason is we need 300 people because we have 300 buns. So please come! To wrap it up, we want you to come to our Grade 2 Restaurant: Burger Bunch!


I am a grade two student at MES. I think you will love our restaurant so much! First, all of the food is from Alberta resources. For example, the cheese is made at the dairy farm we visited. In addition, you will save money on food and gas without driving to Lethbridge. For example a burger and chips are $5 and drinks are $1. Lastly, the food is so good. For example we had a baker come and teach us how to make bread and we are going to use the same delicious bread on your burger. Therefore, I think you should come to our restaurant! Burger Bunch will be open on June 1st from 11-2pm. 


What is up? You do not want to miss this one day… it is… June 1st from 11-2pm behind the MES school. Look for a sign that says “Burger Bunch!” I strongly believe that I will be the best chef and you will want to come to our restaurant. I hope you will like the patty. I will try to make it extra good for you. My class went to a cheese factory and learned how bread is made. I know the food will be fresh! Our food tastes so good it makes your mouth water! The pop is ice cold, and the chips are the best snack with the burgers and pop. We will be so fast that you could say, “go burger go!” Next, I will give the next guy the patty, then we will put it on a bun and add your toppings. That’s it! It is perfect and smells amazing. Lastly, the food is from Alberta’s resources. The hamburgers will be juicy, the toppings will be crisp, and the pop will be fizzy. Oh, and the chips will be crunchy. On June 1st we will be open, so you better come get your burger soon! In my opinion our restaurant will be the best ever!


I would like you to come to our Grade 2 Restaurant. It’s only one day and it’s on June 1st! We have really good food, so I do not want you to miss out on our Grade 2 Restaurant in Magrath! Without a doubt I want you to come to our restaurant on June 1st. We do not ever want you to miss it! First, you should come to our Grade 2 Restaurant so you do not waste so much gas and also no time driving to Lethbridge. Secondly, McDonalds is way more expensive than our restaurant and we also have cold drinks and some fresh bags of chips. Our burgers are only $5. Did you know we have some natural resources in Alberta that are in a burger? You’re probably wondering what natural resources are. Cows are natural resources that produce milk and dairy cheese. I really hope I see you there!

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