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Cardston County Council minutes

Posted on June 1, 2023 by admin

By Kenyon Stronski

Westwind Weekly News

The following are selected briefs from the May 8 regular meeting of Cardston County Council. Following the adoption of the agenda, three new items were added. Discussion of a closed road, the cleanup of Moses Lake and solution discussing deer population and a potential cull. 


The RCMP arrived in council chambers for their quarterly report that was given by Sgt. Wright who presented the Annual Performance Plan to council. Aetna Community Association also arrived in the chambers seeking assistance with gopher control, gravel, re-welds of basketball hoops and a contribution for re-shingling a shed. Council moved to donate $500 to the association to assist in providing shingles for their shed. 

Council also met with Morgan Strate and Lance and Logan Wehlage to speak about the revised 2022 county assessment. Last in the list of delegations before lunch was Western Tractor to discuss a ASB seed drill. 

After lunch, Shane Hansen on behalf of County Residents and Landowners arrived in the chambers to speak alongside other members. The delegation spoke on the adverse effects of development projects on county roads. 

Later the Pole Haven Grazing Association appeared in the chambers to discuss information regarding public access to Pole Haven. 

Requests for Decision:

Council looked over some updated sign recommendations for Boundary Creek Road, it was stated in the minutes. It was moved for council to accept the public works foreman’s recommendations for installation of the road signs. Additionally it was moved for the speed limit to be adjusted to 60 kilometres per hour from the four corners to the Dugway road. 

Council also received an unsightly parcel clean-up request. It was moved to send the homeowner a letter to clean up the property. 


The 2023 capital and operating budgets were moved through chambers without issues, and three readings were given to the new Bylaw 818.2023 referring to the updated mill rate in the council that will raise the rate by 0.2 mills for residential and agricultural land. The vote was requested to be recorded. 

Reeve Cam Francis, Deputy Reeve Randy Bullock, Coun. LeGrande Bevans, Coun. Wayne Harris, Coun. Roger Houghton and Coun. Broyce Jacobs all voted in favour of the three motions, while Coun. Tom Nish voted against all three motions. 

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