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M.D. of Taber searching for Director of Corporate Services

Posted on January 11, 2024 by admin

By Heather Cameron
Southern Alberta Newspapers
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The M.D. of Taber is currently searching for a Director of Corporate Services.

“The increasing complexity of administrative functions, coupled with the evolving needs of the Municipal District of Taber, has led to the need for a skilled professional to oversee and manage corporate services efficiently,” said Arlos Crofts, Chief Administrative Officer for the M.D. of Taber.

The position, Crofts states, aims to ensure streamlined operations, compliance with regulations, and effective financial management. Qualified applicants submit a comprehensive resume, a cover letter outlining their relevant experience, qualifications, and skills, and may be required to undergo interviews, assessments, and background checks as part of the selection process. 

“The Director of Corporate Services is responsible for overseeing various administrative functions, including financial management, human resources, information technology, and legislative compliance,” said Crofts. “They play a pivotal role in strategic planning, budgeting, policy development, and ensuring efficient operations within the Municipal District of Taber. The Director of Corporate Services offers expertise in financial planning, reporting, and management, oversees HR functions, ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, manages IT infrastructure, and supports Council in decision-making through accurate data analysis and strategic advice.” 

Crofts says that qualified applicants are typically expected to have relevant educational qualifications, such as a degree in business administration, finance, or a related field, coupled with extensive managerial experience, a strong understanding of municipal governance, financial acumen, leadership skills, and the ability to navigate complex administrative environments. 

The position, Crofts says, offers competitive compensation packages, including health benefits, retirement plans, and other perks commensurate with the responsibilities and experience required. The position has been in existence within the Municipal District of Taber for over 20 years. 

The specifics of the application process, Crofts says, can be obtained through the Municipal District of Taber’s official website at 

“The Municipal District of Taber highly values the Director of Corporate Services position due to its crucial role in ensuring efficient and compliant administrative operations,” said Crofts. “It significantly contributes to the successful functioning and growth of the MD by providing essential support and expertise in various critical areas. This role offers an opportunity for professionals to gain extensive experience in municipal governance, financial management, strategic planning, and leadership. The diverse responsibilities and challenges involved in this position can contribute significantly to a candidate’s professional growth and career advancement. The Municipal District of Taber encourages qualified individuals to apply for this role as it is a key position contributing to the MD’s success. The organization seeks skilled professionals who can effectively lead and manage corporate services, thereby contributing to the overall growth and development of the community.”

For further information regarding the Director of Corporate Services position within the Municipal District of Taber, please contact Human Resources or visit the official website at 

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