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Tractor used to break into Magrath convenience stores

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Westwind Weekly

by Lorena Rodgers
Two convenience stores in Magrath were broken into early morning on February 12.
A tractor stolen from Jim’s Auto adjacent to the Blue Goose gas station was used to smash through the front window of Blue Goose shortly before 5 a.m. and was then driven the three blocks and smashed through the front of Winks. Police say the suspect was likely there to get at the cash machines.
In both cases, the intruder appears to have left as soon as alarms were set off. A security camera at  Blue Goose caught images of a man in the store.
The man was not recognized as a member of the community, but was reported to resemble a man noticed in Blue Goose about three times the day before.
When the suspect left Winks, the tractor stalled and he left it in the front of the store. The alarm woke the convenience store owners, who came into the store to find the tractor left parked where the front door used to be. The surrounding brick wall was so damaged some had to be knocked out to be able to stabilize the store front.
Eunyoung Lee who owns Winks with her husband, Kang Park, felt someone was around and they went to check on the store as the alarm started. She said she was afraid when she saw the tractor in the store that the intruder would return, but he did not. Magrath resident Scott Wolsey was joggingthat morning  saw what happened, called 911 and stayed with the family.  Park said they have had, “a lot of support from the community. Food, donations, cards–they are a big help to us, I appreciate them.
The paper has had no response from RCMP as to the progress of the investigation, but heard they were again reviewing security footage Tuesday Feb 16.

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