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New year, new you — welcome to 2019!

Posted on January 3, 2019 by admin

Well, it’s 2019 — Happy New Year! This year will see many changes throughout the Canadian and Albertan landscape with new rules and regulations, both provincially and federally. There will also be two elections — also provincially and federally. The world is forever in a state of evolution and sadly, de-evolution. And, many resolutions have been made. Welcome to a new year with endless possibilities.

Sure, 2018 had its fair share of ups and downs, depending on your thoughts and/or beliefs. Who would have thought Canada would legalize cannabis for recreational consumption (again, a progressive step or negative step for Canadians — depending on your thoughts and/or beliefs)? Oil and gas in Alberta and abroad was big news throughout the province, country and across the globe. Trump was either a good word or a profanity (depending on your thoughts and/or beliefs). Disasters happened. People lost their jobs or attained employment. It was once again a chaotic year for Planet Earth.

Moving forward, some Albertans are conservative and traditional — while others are liberal and progressive or middle-of-the-road — and some are unaffiliated with their political leanings, thoughts, and/or beliefs. Either way, the province, country and world is heading into some uncharted territory in many shapes and forms. It is exciting, but also causes anxiety for many. Each and every year, Albertans hope for a better and brighter day. Hopefully, 2019 will be the year for Albertans to shine. For Canadians, as a whole, to keep on keepin’ on.

It is time to let bygones be bygones, as 2018 is a distant memory. One can’t move forward if they keep hanging on to the past. The future will be bright and we might just have to wear shades — as 2019, it is hoped, is prosperous for all. A New Year allows us to start anew. A New Year gives us hope, if the outlook was a bit darker. A New Year is upon us and now is the time to act. Don’t react. Get involved with your own destiny. Don’t let the year get away from you before it even begins.

2019 can be the year of all years — get out there, and make it happen.

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