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2019 can be a brew-ha-ha — craft beer, that is!

Posted on January 10, 2019 by admin

An ad aired on a radio station recently hawking a large quantity of domestic beer in a large vessel for a cheap price at a Canadian-based pub. Why? The beer, in question, is bland and represents a multi-generation of beer drinkers gone wrong. If craft beers are on tap, with a plethora of tastes, combinations, aromas, and so on — why would anyone want to willfully order a domestic in today’s age of craft brew heaven? But, each to their own. Like religion, every beer drinker has a faith.

There’s lagers, pilsners (not the domestic brand), ales, stouts, porters, IPAs, and the list goes on. Canada’s craft brew industry is bustling and bursting with flavour. Too many beers, but too little time. To pour a pint of a fine brew, one must sip and savour its essence — while, learning to unravel a craft beer’s many layers of subtlety. All hail the brewmaster!

In 2019, Canada is home to many an award-winning brewery — small, medium, and large. Alberta is no stranger to the craft brew frenzy, as more craft breweries open to share its take on liquid this or that. To imbibe an assortment of almost breathtaking brews, is truly to live. But, there are those that scoff at such a claim. In due time, they will come to the craft brew side.

Of course, there are times when a beer drinker must do the unthinkable — order whatever is on tap, which usually means domesticated yuck juice. Sure, within the area and across Canada, beer is/was a part of Canada’s history. We are of course the stereotypical beer-swigging toque wearing hoser, eh? It’s time to let tradition trickle down the drain. Do the world a favour and rid it of domestic beers. The new nectar of the gods is a tall cool craft brew with an unforgettable food pairing. Again, this could become an age old debate.

A toast to craft brews! Alberta made brews are gathering traction in the world of suds and buds. British Columbia is home to so many tasty treats and the rest of Canada provides Canadians with the finest in craft brew-ness.

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