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Government concerns should be about more than digital pink slips

Posted on August 22, 2019 by admin

Really United Conservative Party (UCP) government — digital pink slips are one of your big plans to get Alberta back to work and save the economy? What about free school from Kindergarten to Grade 12 or more Alberta Health Services (AHS) staff or hospitals or more schools or infrastructure updates or working on alternative energy sources — the list goes on, in regards to getting Alberta back to work and saving the economy. It’s just common sense, really.

As for red tape reduction — it is hoped the next announcements are a bit better and more bang for our bucks and will help Alberta rather than the powers that be worrying about something so mundane as making pink slips tech-friendly, opposed to insurance info on paper.

There are so many other things the government should be concerned about. One thing the government didn’t have to worry about was farm safety, as the previous government spent a lot of time and taxpayer money on finding a solution. Now, this government needs to spend more taxpayer money and more time figuring out something that didn’t need figuring out.

Alberta is somewhat doomed. Because some conservative ways of thinking will only make Alberta weak and decrepit like some old government asylum built back when Alberta was thinking it was progressive. Red tape reduction is redundant and a waste of taxpayer money, as Alberta will remain in the dark ages — especially political-wise. How much of taxpayer money went into rescinding the recent carbon tax and how much more of taxpayer money will be needed to pay for the federal carbon tax and all the other fees moving forward?

Nothing has changed since the UCPs took over the reins and nothing will, sadly. It will always be the same old same old and status quo with a party that has been in power for decades, sure with a new name and supposed new and improved business model by combining forces with two conservative-thinking parties. No matter what you call it or go by — its archaic way of thinking and mindset is going to be detrimental to Alberta’s health and wellness for the next four years, it would seem.

Conserving this. Cutting back that. Getting rid of that. And replacing this. That is the Conservative way. Or the cowboy way, it seems. Just because Alberta has been a conservative naysayer for decades, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Alberta, will always be a gas and oil and agriculture hub. There’s nothing wrong with that, but new ideas, innovation, ideals, beliefs and political nature needs to change in order for Alberta to thrive and live long and prosper in the years to come.

Being conservative in today’s day and age could be catastrophic for a province. Too many provinces are going back to basics, which will kill the very essence of a province over time with no evolution.

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