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A mask-wearer’s mindset is different – actions speak louder than words

Posted on May 13, 2021 by admin

It is so much more – the mere selfless act of putting on a mask to help the spread of COVID-19. It’s a movement. It’s like donning a cape and becoming a superhero. A mask-wearer feels a sense of dignity, respect and love for their fellow human beings because wearing a mask is one simple way of lending a helping hand in a time of dire consequences.

You see, a mask-wearer’s mindset is different than those who don’t care about others or how their selfish actions and/or inaction affect the globe, the nation, the province, the community, their neighbours, their friends and their very own family.

Those that wear masks, will no doubt, not attend mass gatherings (because they know better). Science believers realize their actions speak louder than words and usually follow rules and regulations set out by health regulatory bodies to protect the populace – the best they can. COVID deniers can have their thoughts, beliefs, opinions, doctrine, etc. – but, there’s facts and then there’s fiction. Science does have its flaws, but so does ignorance, misguidedness, gullibility and misinformation-seeking.

A rule of law is something missing from today’s debate on the year-long adage – to wear a mask or to not wear a mask? But, it’s not that simple. Oh wait, actually it is. Society has often been subjected to many atrocities over the years and personal rights have been trampled on by governments, organized religions, groups and individuals. But, today’s struggle of the “I don’t have to wear a mask” mentality and/or “I can attend any gathering or go anywhere and hang out with anyone I want at any given time” rhetoric is dangerous, and downright unconstitutional.

This divisive divide continues to eat away at the very fabric of a civilized society, in all actuality. These so-called “freedom rallies,” rodeos and the like or (in this instance) the other side’s actions and inaction is one of the very reasons Alberta continues to be under stricter restrictions and Albertans are expected to follow more invasive rules and regulations.

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