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From the Archives of Western Newspapers

Posted on January 11, 2024 by admin

By Samantha Johnson
Southern Alberta Newspapers
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

January 8, 1885 – The Calgary Weekly Herald

There are 850,000 men out of work in the States according to the latest from Bradstreet.

Miss Maud Reid owns a ranch in the Wyoming Territory that is well stocked with cattle, which she superintends herself. She is well respected by the cowboys, is a great shot and one of the shrewdest cattle owners in the country.

There was a cattle disease running rampant in Iowa that was thought to be some type of pneumonia but was discovered to be caused by a congested condition of the stomach due to a rapid change from poor pastures to rich stock fields.

The superintendent of Yellowstone National Park recently informed the squatters and settlers within the confines of the park to move. When they failed to do so, he, along with police and assistants, burned several ranches near the border of Gallatin County and ejected the intruders. The mountaineer Buckskin Joe was sent to Wyoming for trial after resisting.

January 14, 1910 – The Cayley Hustler

The Cayley Hustler is the latest paper to be added to a large number published in Southern Alberta. Though small in size, it is well gotten up and a newsy little sheet. All it needs is the support of all those in Cayley.

The New York Outlet recently paid tribute to King Edward for his skills as a diplomat. “Few men have risen more rapidly in public confidence and influence than King Edward. He has long been known as a very accomplished and agreeable man with a gift of tact that amounted to genius, but during the past three or four years, he has secured a foremost position as a diplomat.” It goes on about his greatness as a peacemaker and how his directness and sincerity have won the confidence of all of Europe.

The latest additions to Cayley are the imminent arrival of a first-class medical doctor and a barber. Additionally, tenders are already in for a triweekly mail delivery here shortly and there should be a new railroad in the spring.

After spending the holidays elsewhere, all bachelors have now returned to their happy homesteads in Reid and the young people in Cayley held a hop at McDonald’s Hall last Monday and the report is the dancing was good.

January 12, 1911 – The Bowden News

Mr. Harding is the Republican nominee for governor of Ohio and is very fond of waffles and explains how they should be eaten. “I have a regular formula for eating waffles and I recommend it to everyone. You eat the first fourteen waffles without syrup but with lots of butter. Then you put syrup on the next nine, and the last half dozen you eat just simply swimming in syrup. Eaten that way waffles never hurt anybody.”

McDougall and Secord were the first owners of a merchandise business in Edmonton located on the corner of First and Jasper Avenue. They have been contemplating erecting a half million-dollar skyscraper to accommodate a large department store business and are keeping this same corner for that purpose. While the owners are not discussing their plans, it is understood a ten or twelve story building will cover the entire corner property when completed.

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