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From the Archives of Western Newspapers

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By Samantha Johnson
For Southern Alberta Newspapers

February 27, 1886 – Calgary Weekly Herald

Seventeen policemen in Edmonton received sentences between nine and twelve months as the result of a recent mutiny.

In Ottawa, the government has paid the Hudson Bay Co. $2 million in connection with rebellion claims.

In Winnipeg, the licence and police committee have recommended to city council the suspension of Chief Murray and Detective McKenzie pending an inquiry into charges made against them of receiving bribes from prostitutes to stay prosecution.

Late last night in Ottawa, a fire broke out in the western block of the parliament buildings, occupied by Marine and Fisheries along with the Agriculture departments. The fire likely started in the room where coal and waste are kept with damage estimated at several thousand dollars.

February 25, 1909 – Macleod

W.R. Graham of Coleman is in the barracks as the result of an odd act he committed in the law offices J.W. MacDonald today. MacDonald held the option on some property of Graham’s and when the former turned from his desk for a moment, Graham grabbed the option, tore it up and shoved it in his pocket. He refused to relinquish the document and left the law office with it still in his pocket.

Macleod will receive two more lines of railways by bills to guarantee bonds of $13,000 per mile. 40 miles of the 150-mile Calgary to Lethbridge to Macleod must be completed this year. There was no opposition to the policy advanced by the government, members voting as a unit to support the measure. It is one of the most comprehensive and far-reaching enactments passed by any legislature in the Dominion. When the policy is completely carried out, it will result in a network of rail covering the entire province.

 Every indication points to a building boom in town. Various plans are being prepared for business blocks and residences with more to follow. The first evidence on Main Street is the hauling of brick for R.G. MacDonnell’s new office building.

February 26, 1914 – Bassano Mail

The full report of the Transcontinental Railway Investigating Commission has been released, telling the amazing tale of reckless waste and presumption of graft over and above what has already been published. The project is already a $ 100 million over the original estimate and is expected to soar to a total of $235 million by the time Grand Trunk Pacific begins to pay interest, if, indeed, it ever exercises the option of taking over the line.

Maximo Castillo, bandit chief, has been accused of the Cumbre Tunnel Outrage that occurred in Mexico on Feb. 5. Castillo was caught in the USA and is charged with burning a freight train in the tunnel and allowing a passenger train to crash into the burning wreck causing the loss of all 51 passengers. Asserting his innocence, Castillo says he doesn’t understand why he has been selected as the sacrifice so that Francisco Villa can make a holiday for those who delight in the shedding of blood.

The Brooks hockey seven visited Bassano last Thursday and were beaten to the tune of 6 to 2. The game was a little ragged, but the visitors played good hockey. A dance was tendered after the game, which was fairly well attended.

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