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Truck Convoy Protest

Posted on February 10, 2022 by admin

It is unfortunate that the high esteem that we the people hold for the truckers of Canada could be badly blemished by the unwise action of a small percentage of their brotherly and sisterly fraternity
I say high esteem because that is how much I respect them (both men and women). I find them courteous on the road, exemplary drivers and law-abiding professionals. How many times have we felt grateful to be following a big semi in a heavy snowstorm as he plots the road for us; how often have we seen a trucker waiting extra minutes for oncoming traffic from both ways to clear before he makes his perpendicular entry onto the highway and how often does he flash lights to give warnings to oncoming vehicles! If I were in trouble on the road and needed help, I would hope a trucker would come by for I know he/she would likely stop to assist me.
It’s hard to imagine that the truckers I know would drive thousands of kilometres to park in front of ordinary homes for days blowing their horns at night, blocking the roadways so that residents can’t get to their places of work, causing the closure of businesses by the insensitive presence of their vehicles, welcoming protesters of every type with a highly goal and worst of all setting up a “go fund me” plea on line to financially support their goal.
The right to protest is a given in our great democracy but stooping to behaviour that negatively affects the safety, mental and physical health, source of personal income and freedom from fear is not justifiable regardless of the imagined worthiness of the cause. They want freedom, they say, but how many innocent others are losing theirs at the expense of a group that blindly and selfishly pushes for idealistically not well-thought-out methods.
Where are the many highly respected trucker leaders who can promote an end to this madness? Please stand forth for the sake of the whole country.

Ray Sheen

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