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Alberta’s conservative premiers have been financial disasters

Posted on April 27, 2023 by admin

Dear Editor,

Unlike Brooks Husband, the true conservatives in my world aren’t going to blindly support another Reformer, trying to pretend he is a Conservative in Pierre Poilievre. Although we aren’t fans of Trudeau we trust him a lot more than any of these Reformers, who are hellbent on destroying everything our Conservative heroes created for us. It was MLAs from the Lougheed era who taught me to never trust a Reformer and they were absolutely right. Klein, Manning, Harper, Kenney, and Smith have proven that they were all financial disasters for the people. Their lie that Alberta has sent billions of dollars to Ottawa in the form of equalization payments is a joke to those of us from the world of finance, it’s just not true. So why have so many of our fellow seniors believed it? Why would anyone want to support Poilievre who has promised to destroy the careers of 7,500 young Canadians by scrapping the CBC, that millions of Canadians still rely on for their connection to the outside world? Was it because it was created by a Conservative government to create jobs? Or is he trying to get even with them for criticizing his lame-brain policies, like Danielle Smith is doing to them for pointing out the truth about her connection with a Calgary criminal? Why would you reward Poilievre for praising criminal convoy truckers that have cost Canadian taxpayers $65 million because of their actions, and why would you want to put yourselves at risk of losing your Old Age Security payments, Canada Pension Plan payments and your public health care benefits that these Reformers want to destroy? Why would you support Poilievre, or Smith who are bashing Trudeau for trying to protect Canadians from the type of gun violence we are seeing in the U.S. where criminals are given the Right to Bear Arms, and children are being gunned down in their schools? The stupidity goes on and on, and to us seniors it is disgusting to see our fellow seniors believing every lie these Reformers feed them and every lawyer, accountant, oilman, banker and former MLA from the Lougheed era that we have talked to over the years has agreed. To put it bluntly Albertans have been screwed by these phony conservative politicians helping their rich friends, and the fact that Norway has $1.19 trillion in their savings account, Alaska $75 billion in theirs, and Alberta a pathetic $16 billion in ours, yet our oil production is twice as much as the other two combined, proves it. This 80 year old senior didn’t spend 32 years with the Royal Bank, working in 16 different branches throughout the province, and managing seven of them, to become a senile senior dumb enough to believe the lies of these Reformers feed us, but then I had some great MLA teachers when Lougheed’s energy minister Bill Dickie was a brother in-law of one of my uncles. I know what they thought of Reformers and the people who blindly support them and I know that we would never have been put in this “Horrific Mess”, as Lougheed called it, if his policies had been followed. Maybe these seniors who find it smart to bash Trudeau like these Reformers have taught them to do should Google this article “Ottawa spent more money in Alberta than it raised in tax revenues from the province in 2020, economist says”. You would never have seen these Reformers helping us out, like Trudeau did, would you?

Alan K. Spiller, Edmonton

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