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Youth getting the chance to see the world

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Westwind Weekly

By Jonathan Guignard

A Magrath resident is putting together a trip of a lifetime for youths and adults around the community.

Sam Yamamoto plans on taking a group to Italy and Greece during the 2017 Easter break.

Magrath High School has traditionally done annual school trips over the years, but have decided against continuing it.

It propelled Yamamoto to take charge by providing the same opportunity for people in the area.

Yamamoto spent a year living abroad and has been involved with a teacher exchange program. It was a life changing experience for him.

He feels seeing different parts of the planet is especially important to youth and believes it will broaden their view on the world.

“Travelling enables you to see the world. It exposes you to different cultures, different world views, different perspectives and different customs. That’s what this opportunity will be able to provide,” said Yamamoto.

The internet allows people to know what’s going on in the world, but Yamamoto believes it’s always better to experience things in person.

“There are things we may not see here except through a video. There are just some things that are best learned through direct experience,” said Yamamoto.

The trip will include trips to world heritage sites, monuments and the ruins in Rome and Athens.

They will get to experience the Roman and Greek empires first hand.

To experience it with people you know is something Yamamoto feels is extremely important.

“So much of our culture today has been influenced by those ancient civilizations. That in and of itself is a valuable learning experience,” said Yamamoto. “Being able to travel with friends, you’re able to experience things that are unique to travelling. “

Gregg Hansen, Magrath High School teacher, was the person in charge when the Europe trips were done through the school and said everybody always enjoyed the experience.

“They get to see some of the most famous cities in Europe. They see some of the things they learned about in school and get to share that with their friends,” said Hansen. “There are guided tours,an itinerary they follow and there’s just a lot of things to see and do.”

Hansen mentioned it gave some of the youth a different perspective on the world and even made some of them appreciate home a little more.

“They’re a little more grateful of the wide open spaces, the ease of travel, how cheap things are and not having to deal with large crowds,” said Hansen. “ Some people like getting home and others don’t want to come back.”

The cost of the trip is just under $3300, with monthly plans made available.

The group leave’s on April 14 and will start in Milan before visiting Florence, Rome, Pompeii and Athens.

To find out more information or to sign up you can contact Yamamoto at

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