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Everything you need to know about the Raymond councillor candidates

Posted on October 14, 2021 by admin

By Laura Balanko-Dickson
Westwind Weekly News

With a total of 14 candidates running for seats on the town council, there’s no shortage of people interested in supporting the growth of the Town of Raymond.

First up, Allen Tollestrup, a chartered professional accountant, aims to bring his expertise in managing accounts to serve the town of Raymond.

Also, Tollestrup thinks Raymond is a “great place to raise a family.”

Incumbent Coun. Ken Heggie was a man of few words during his introduction to the election forum on Oct. 7.

He is seeking re-election and said, “I look forward to serving the community.”

Kate Kindt feels like the Town of Raymond is “losing its small-town feel” and becoming more like a “bedroom community.” She suggests she would use her time on the town council to bring voice to the unheard. She also mentioned there is “always never” a grant for the maintenance of town facilities.

Kelly Jensen brings a strong work ethic and a genuine desire to be involved to the table. She claims to have “done it all” when it comes to farm work and is “always happy.”

Incumbent Coun. Bryce Coppietiers says he is committed to new investment to the Town of Raymond and brings a master’s degree in Education to the table.

One of his priorities is to get residents of the town to stay in the town of Raymond.

Incumbent Coun. Joan Harker is also seeking re-election for town council. She says she went to Hawaii to later learn that Raymond is the “best place in the world.”

Harker suggests she knows how to innovate and leverage money, and plans to collaborate with experts, “the best of the best.”

David Reeve brings his experience in “organizational development” and 20 years of human resources to better serve the finances of the town.

Nick Larsen plans to bring some “accountability” to town council, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. He enjoys Raymond’s “culture of volunteering,” adding that Raymond has “a bit higher of a standard.”

Ann Williams has been attending council meetings for three years.

She says it’s “the best show in town.” She intends to listen to any issue brought to the council.

Additionally, she jokes that she wants the town to have a rich uncle, a funny way of referring to provincial and federal grants.

Trent Tinney brings a 30-year career with the correctional services of Canada to the table, the first five as a corrections officer and the last 25 as a parole officer. He used his time at the podium to talk about his outrage over his property tax increase and suggested the town discouraged him from appealing it.

Matt Evans, grandson of former mayor Gill Evans, plans to make Raymond more desirable for small business and light industry, as well as financial accountability to the council.

Randy Olsen, a 25-year employee of the Town of Raymond suggests he is the right choice for voters because he already knows how to take care of all the maintenance in the town, and has seen several councils of various political leanings.

Kelvin Kado is the Rotary club president and wants to be “an advocate for all the different groups” on town council.

He wants to focus the town on infrastructure and ensure the residents of Raymond feel safe.

Neil Sieben claims he has a positive attitude because he lives in Raymond. His spouse is Julie Harker, and he says he won’t “be a deer in the headlights” when it comes to financial matters. Sieben says he has the right background to make the town grow and considers himself “pro-business.”

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