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Emergency management partnership rundown

Posted on June 7, 2022 by admin

By Kenyon Stronski

Westwind Weekly News

Lives can be at risk everyday — whether it’s jumping in a car and commuting to work or walking down the street, unexpected things can happen all the time.
The town of Cardston has partnered with the Village of Hill Spring, Cardston County, the Town of Magrath and the Village of Glenwood to shine a light on the thought of always being prepared with an emergency kit.
“Being prepared means you know what to do,” begins the release on the Cardston website. “Where to go and you have supplies to properly respond to emergencies and disasters. By taking simple steps towards becoming more prepared, you can better navigate disruptions when they occur so you can get back to your life and work sooner.”
The website showcases a 72 hours emergency kit — as it gives enough time to allow first responders and, “all levels of government to focus on managing the crisis and helping those who need it most.”
Supplies that should be included in the kit are:
Snacks like granola or energy bars, dried fruit or trail mix, and a minimum 72 hour water supply of water and electrolytes.
Medical supplies such as an adequate supply of any prescription drugs such as heart medications, digestive aids and anti-nausea. Over the counter mediations such as pain relievers, cold medications, digestive aids and anti-nausea. Essential medical equipment with backup power and glasses or extra contact lenses or solution.
Critical records like a copy of all personal documents in a protective, sealable bag. Documents include identification, birth certificates, passports, citizenship papers, Social Insurance Numbers, emergency contract list, critical medical records and prescriptions.
A first aid kit that includes gauze, bandages, tape an antibacterial ointment and antiseptic wipes and protective gloves.
Sanitations supplies like hand sanitizers and wipes, non-medical masks and personal hygiene products.
You can also add up to 72 hours of cash to cover emergency expenses, a multi-tool, books and portable toys or games, electronics with a vehicle charger, extra blankets, battery-powered or crank radio and a flashlight and candles and matches or a lighter.
It is also mentioned that you can buy prepackages basic kids that include vehicle and pet kits — however they will need to be personalized for any specific needs.
You can visit for more details, or the website to view the entire release.

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