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Alberta still a destination for success: MLA Hunter

Posted on March 3, 2023 by admin

By Trevor Busch

Westwind Weekly News

With Albertans headed back to the polls for a provincial election on May 29, the successes and failures of the present UCP government will be under the microscope for voters in the Taber-Warner riding.

While acknowledging that not everything has been perfect under his party’s guidance, MLA Grant Hunter outlined what he feels are some of the achievements of the UCP over the past four years.

“We make mistakes. We’ve made mistakes. But in a nutshell, as a whole, what have we done? What have we effectively done? I think, effectively, we’ve been able to jumpstart our economy again. In January, we added 21,000 new jobs. We have net migration again coming back into the province. As that net migration comes in, we’re building out schools and hospitals and roads and houses and places for people to live.” 

While more people often means more infrastructure demands, Hunter believes it is better than the alternative.

“But that’s a good problem to have because when net migration is going out, or when people are leaving this province, then you know that’s not a good problem. That’s not a good thing to have. And so we’re starting to see again, people back into the country, in the province, people are coming here because we operate in a low tax regime, regulatory regime.”

Alberta can still be a destination for success for new immigrants and established citizens alike, argues Hunter.

“And people can make it work here for their family, they can build a good life here for themselves. Housing is actually pretty, pretty decent in terms of comparable salaries, other places. And so I think we’re firing on all cylinders, and I hope that Albertans recognize that as we move into this next election.”

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