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Cardston County council Aug. 14 meeting minutes

Posted on September 14, 2023 by admin

By Kenyon Stronski
Westwind Weekly News

The following are selected briefs from the Aug. 14 regular meeting of Cardston County council. 

Requests for Decision and Council Items:

Improvements to some canal crossings in Cardston County. Council moved to approve $92,000 to purchase one culvert for an indicated canal crossing this year and to place a budget item in the 2024 season to purchase an additional three culverts. This motion was carried. 

Another request referring to a culvert passed through council’s hands from a resident within the county. It was moved to approve the requests to replace a culvert sleeve with costs to be paid by the resident. 

On the Fire Department side, three items passed through councils hands. 

A Fire Billing policy was shown to council that involved administration constructing a billing policy to separate agricultural fires from structural fires. Council directed administration to search for other options and have the item brought back to council for review. 

Council also discussed purchasing new equipment for the Del Bonita Fire Department. After some discussion it was moved for council to approve $4713.21 to purchase grassland gear and the funds will be sourced from the Del Bonita Fire Reserve Account to be replaced in the next budget. 

Land Use Bylaws and Additional Items:

Two Bylaws were given their second and third readings at the Aug. 14 meeting – both from Division 5. 

Some discussion was had by council on potentially spraying the ASB highways and irrigation classified lands. The discussion then turned to reckless drivers damaging roads within the County. 

The contract with Mike Burla, a Senior Planner at the Oldman River Regional Services Commission was extended by council. Now Burla will be employed until the end of Council’s term.

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