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Power Rumble lights out action

Posted on March 29, 2017 by Westwind Weekly
© Lethbridge Herald photo by Ian Martens

J.W. Schnarr
Westwind Weekly News

This month, Pure Power Wrestling held their first ever Power Rumble and asked, “Who will be the last man standing?”

Following “The Last Stand” at the Fritz Sick Centre in March, fans have their answer: Nobody.

And while the inaugural Power Rumble may have ended without a clear winner, it was a big hit with fans and showed that in these types of free-for-all brawls, necessity can make for strange bedfellows.

The Power Rumble started with two wrestlers and another was added every two minutes. Eventually, it drew in nearly every wrestler on the PPW roster and a number of new faces fans had never seen.

In the end, it came down to seven-foot-tall monster The Orion, Chris Perish, and The Irishman.

Irish and Perish may have been feuding for months, but they teamed up to take out the much larger foe.

Once The Orion had been dispatched, they turned on each other. The match ended when Irish hit Perish with an I.R.A. off the apron and both men hit the ground at the same time.

Irish said it was hard to put into words how disappointed he was that no winner was declared.

“We were both on the edge, he said. “And when he stuck his head out, I instantly saw I.R.A. (Irishman’s finishing move)”

Perish said he knows who really won the match.

“I believe, from what the fans said, his feet touched first. I should be the winner,” he said. “That’s the rules. I didn’t make them up.”

He said he was also disappointed by the end of the Rumble.

“I feel a lot of things. I feel some bruises. I feel robbed. I feel that if PPW management took their stick out of their you-know-what, they’d know I won that match.”

The PPW Heavyweight title was up for grabs between reigning champion “The Tattooed Terminator” Massive Damage and the in-ring debut of The Orion. With two titanic forces doing battle, it didn’t take long for the ref to lose control of the match. Ultimately, he was forced to rule a double disqualification after being manhandled by both wrestlers.

“I thought the referee let him get away with a lot of stuff,” Damage said following the event. “At the end of the match, he let (The Orion) stick his foot on my throat. How is that legal? Why was he not disqualified?

“I didn’t think (the ref) called it fairly. Why was I disqualified?”

“Massive Damage got lucky tonight,” said The Orion, “There was a little problem with the officiating out there. I was well on my way to victory before we got stopped.”

The Orion said he plans to continue to make an impression in PPW in the future.

“Everyone knows there is definitely a future for The Orion in PPW,” he said. “I’ve fought in cages all over the world. I’ve fought the toughest men in the highest competition. I’ve trained all over the world. And now I’m here. Massive Damage is just the first step.”

The Orion’s previous experience as a mixed martial arts fighter could serve him well in the ring.

“My ring awareness is through the roof,” he said. “I’ve got a huge advantage over my competitors. I’m comfortable in there. I can take damage. I can do it all. I can even high fly if it comes to it.”

Damage said he has battled big men before, and knows how to beat them.

“If you look at that big goober, I marked him up,” he said. “I left a big ‘M’ and a big ‘D’, so he’ll remember who I am. If he wants to come after my title, he’s going to know that Massive Damage isn’t going to just lie down and give it up.”

The opening match of the evening featured two pairs of feuding opponents in a tag team match. Chris Perish and “The All-American Steve Rivers” against The Irishman and Kid Cyrus. Irish caused his team to lose via disqualification when he accidentally hit the ref with another wrestler.

In a six-man tag match, The Adult Social Society and Cyanide battled “The Real Deal” Sydney Steele, Kato, and Travis “The Heat” Copeland, with the Society and Cyanide earning a victory.

The next PPW event will be The Anniversary Extravaganza VI, April 22.

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