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Good tiering rounds for Raymond Knights

Posted on November 16, 2022 by admin

By Kenyon Stronski
Westwind Weekly News

U11 Tier 3:

The U11 Knights would welcome Medicine Hat on Nov. 4, leading to a nice win for Raymond.

Raymond played completely lights out in the first period, seeing three goals from Jaxton Roderick, two from Dax Hill, two from Lane Smith and a single from Casey Vandenhoek. Showing some signs of life in the second period, Medicine Hat managed to hit the back of the net twice, and the Knights answered back with a single from Jack Patrick Salmon and Trigger Heggie. The third went much the same, seeing Salmon score a double, Hill score a double and Rodeback chalk up a single to skate to a 15-5 finish for the Knights.

Nov. 6 marked Lethbridge visiting Raymond, with the opposing team not fairing much better against the Knights.

The first period went one-for-one, with Heggie scoring Raymon’s first goal. The second was once again all Heggie, who threw up a double on the board for the Knights and the third saw Hill put up a point to lead Raymond to a 3-4 win over the Tier 1 Lethbridge.

U13 Tier 4:

The U13 Knights would visit Bow Island on Nov. 5 for an early afternoon match on the ice.

Hayes Hill scored the only goal for Raymond in the first period, but Raymond bounced back hard int he second, seeing two goals from both Nixon Roe and Ryland Span. The third saw no goals from the Knights and they would end with a 10-5 loss.

Still on the road, the Knights would visit Magrath on Nov. 4.

Brixton Crow Chief, would slot up a singe with Hayes Hill hitting the back of the net twice for a double in the first period, tying up the game. The second period would see a single goal from Hill, with the third not bearing any fruit for the Knights. They would lead to a 4-7 loss to Magrath.

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